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World Fighting Soccer

You will see big blasts for any pass, tackle, or shot you make, just like in retro fighting games, which served as the inspiration for this one, as you will see 8bit sprites for the football players you will take control of in this game. This is one of the causes why this game can also be considered a fighting game in some sense.

Fights break out amongst players occasionally while they are competing against one another. Today, in the brand new and extremely thrilling game World Fighting Soccer 22, we would like to invite you to participate in battles of this nature. You will be required to make a selection of a side when the game first begins. Following that, you will find yourself on the football pitch with the people you are playing against. You must assault their gate and try to score a goal within them. You will earn a point corresponding to your level of success. During the game, the adversary will have the ability to launch attacks against your players. This will be the beginning of the struggle. Your football player, whose your control, will be required to score a touchdown against your opponent. In this manner, you will put him on the bench.

You will play for national teams, in the Versus mode against the computer or against another actual player with the 2 Player mode, or you can first improve your abilities in the Training mode. Both of these modes allow you to play against the computer. This is simply a demo at this point, so you won't be able to play the World Cup version until you purchase the complete game; however, you will be able to play it in the full version.

- Local multiplayer competitions (2-player mode)
- 16 distinct teams from across the globe will compete (only 4 in this demo)
- Three arenas

- Campaign mode reaches its climax in a gruelling showdown against the final boss (full version only)
- A straightforward training mode for honing your abilities and accumulating combos. 

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