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TMNT: Extreme Skate 5000

Are a fan of Teenage turtle ninja games? or also known as tmnt? If you like sports, action, and adventure games this TMNT: Extreme Skate 5000 it's the best combination for you. TMNT: Extreme Skate 5000 the game it's one of our selected TMNT and skateboard games classified in our Nickelodeon category with games offered free on our website! In the game, you must use your skills and help Mickey, Casey, and Mondo jump over obstacles like boulders, collect shells, compete in the extreme mode after it's unblocked 20, and help them make it safely to the finish line. As the game start, you can switch between them by pressing the  ''X'' key for Mondo and ''Z'' key for Casey. Each individual is good,  some for jump, other for agility, and some are strong and can take less damage. It's recommended to play with Mickey because he is the most balanced in all three stats. If you need to jump over a lot of hole and flame play with Mondo he is light and jump easy, also if there are many static objects that damage your heath on the impact you should play with Casey he is slow you can avoid obstacles and get less damage them all three of them. Check before the game the acceleration, speed, strength of the cartoon characters and see which one you like, and also see the Time to beat, unblock race mode, and your best time you need to do on each round. On levels make sure you collect shells during the race to power up your skater and unblock achievements. The game provides two games modes Time Trial and Extreme Race. The Time trial is unblocked from the start and Extreme Race is blocked and only after completing some achievements it will be accessible. Check the archives to see how you can earn more points and have a great score from this epic nickelodeon games tmnt.  And also explore and play other similar nick jr games ninja turtles like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Casey Jones Vs Evil Robot and TMNT: Shadow Heroes. Good luck and have fun!


1. Jump a boulder with Mike.
2. Collect 25 shells with Casey.
3. Collect 8 shells, in a row with Mondo.
4. Compete in Xtreme mode 20 times.
5. Finish extreme mode in 125 seconds or less.

Mikey -
is great all-round, but he is not as light and agile as Mondo,  and also not as tough and fast as Mondo but he is balanced and can handle all things, without getting in any trouble.
Mondo - is the most radical airborne reptile,  at your disposal, switch to him to perform awesome jumps, he is fast agile but not very strong. So try to be careful with him not to be hit.

Casey - is as tough as they come been equipped with armor,  he is strong but slow to accelerate, he can watch through objects and get the less amount of damage. So if you are low in hp and need to pass difficult obstacles make sure you choose Casey. 

Arrow: move/jump/slide.
Z, X between players.
Use the mouse to navigate the game.
Release Date       January 2017
Platform              PC and Web browser developed with html5
Http Ready          Yes
Genre                   Run, Cartoon, Superhero, TMNT

  • Explore a fun 3D  tmnt game video where you help our heroes overcome different obstacles and stay alive.
  • Great 3D graphics with detailed characters, animations, rooms.
  • You can play two game modes Time Trial and Extreme Race.
  • Each character has different stats like acceleration, speed, strength.
  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • Use Z and X key to change between players.
  • Nice music and great game physiques.
More Information About TMNT: Extreme Skate 5000
Enjoy this 3D skateboard tmnt game online directly in your browser here on TMNT: Extreme Skate 5000 it's a fun similar tmnt the game developed with html5 technology. This will allow it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. Have fun with these awesome teenage mutant ninja turtles games ps4 and explore other similar teenage mutant ninja turtles arcade games. Good luck and have a blast online!
For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube Game-play of TMNT: Extreme Skate 5000 online here on

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