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Tavern Master

Play Tavern Master free
Play now live online on this new Tavern Master game that combines all three cool features restaurant, management, and old fashion medieval tavern business with beer and cowboys. Use your mouse to move around your tiny tavern buy new tables, chairs, and decorations for your restaurant to make customers comfortable, and hope they will return to your shop to drink beer, wine, and water. Make the necessary adjustments to set the tables in such a way to save as much space so you can serve and satisfy as many customers as possible at once. Buy the tastiest beer that will cost you 200 gold coins for a total of 75 liters. As you play the game you can enjoy the great 3D graphics and save money for expensive tables, chairs, and also delicious drinks. You can see that you have available to purchase even lemonade ;)) But the importance of the game is to buy the specific barrels types to hold the drinks for example if you manage to buy the triple barrels that cost 3000 gold you can store many liters of drinks, like wine, beer, and lemonade, and serve them at the same time. Once you have prepared all the arrangements in this realistic management game you can sit back and see the customers coming to your shop and you get rich. As you will see your number of customers is limited so to increase it you must decorate the tavern to look great, that way you will get more customers! As the game is in progress you can speed up the progress by pressing the double play white button from the top left side of the game interface. And all you need to do is to watch the customers get served and if there are any upgrades for your worker's time, speed, and level make sure you spend some money to make your hired workers work harder. Do your best and enjoy this fun time management game, and also try other similar games like
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How to play Tavern Master
In the game, you will be in charge of managing and growing your business. Take a look around and move the camera sideways by dragging with your left mouse button. You can scroll the mouse to zoom in and see the customers, and the room from a close range. Also, you can rotate the camera by holding your right mouse button and moving the mouse around. As you start the game you have some money saved so, you will need first to buy some more tables, what you have won't be enough, to do that press the dining button on the button left button. Then you will be taken to the shop tavern, where you can see the possibilities to buy tables, seats, and decoration for your restaurant. There you will see seven tables of different sizes like simple tables, small tables, strong tables, long tables, heavy tables, lux small tables, and lux tables. For example, the simple tables will boost 70 gold coins and can hold up to four customers at once. And there you can see the information about the prices of gold for each table you like. The best investment will be to buy the long tables that can hold up to 8 customers but it const 600 gold coins. And certainly, you can not afford it from the start, because you need to hire a bartender and a waitress.
Play Tavern Master online
As you buy chairs you can see that they are marked with red or green. The red means you cant connect with the tables the sets so try to move them around to find a different position placement. To do that drag the bench to the market area and confirm its purchase by pressing the green ok sign.
There are nine different types of seats-chairs in the shop. Starting with a simple bench, to the small bench, stool, deluxe stool, modern chair, comfy chair, VIP chair, lux stool, and last the lux bench. Do what you desire and enjoy this restaurant game online that is one of our top ability and management games been classified in our learning games category offered free on our website. Also, Tavern Master, it developed with WebGL that makes the game work smoothly o any type of browser and also on some mobile devices. So when you are playing the game for the first time no download requirements are needed. Do your best in this restaurant games pc and make sure you play other similar games like Idle Farm, here on! Have a blast, online guys!

Hacks and tricks in the Kitchen:
If you try to buy something from the kitchen and then press the return arrow, you get that item for free. you can upgrade the full kitchen like that. Not sure if there is a way to do this for the tavern. So make sure you check that out!
The important facts to know about Tavern Master
This refers to workers, customers, and time.

- 15.2 speed in total waitress (max level)
- 4.2-speed chef (max level)
- 4.2-speed bartender (max level)
- 68 slots for customers.
- Are 15 people/min enough
Added on:
30 December 2020 as a browser game version.

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Mobile ready        No
Developer             UntitledStudio
Platform                PC, and Web browsers.
Version                  1.1
Genre                     Restaurant, Management, Business,
Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

  • Detailed 3D graphics with vibrant colors.
  • You can hire bartenders and waitresses.
  • Watch and see how your business grows, by selling wine, water, and drinks.
  • A shop from where you can buy with gold coins tables, seats, and decoration for your tavern.
  • There are seven different types of tables and nine different types of chairs.
  • Decorate your shop to have more visitors and customers.
  • Watch out for upgrades to help your workers level up faster that will help them work faster.
  • You can play with the camera angle and point of view.
  • You can speed up the game by pressing the double white play button.
  • Addicting gameplay.
More Information About Tavern Master
Enjoy a fun online time management game where you control your business, and grow profit to expand your tavern directly in your browser here on Tavern Master, it's developed with WebGL technology that allows the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers. Enjoy the best management games added on our website. And also, explore other similar restaurant gameplay online. Good luck and have a blast!
For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube Game-play of Tavern Master online here on

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