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Real Cars Extreme Racing

Play Real Cars Extreme Racing free.
And join the most complex car racing game online on all browsers here on Where you can experience all the good things about cars in cool car game modes like career, free driving, hot chase, battle arena, mister policeman, and the two players split-screen mode versus other racers. With next-gen high detailed 3D graphics, cars, you only dream of test-driving, you have the possibility to experiment with different car parts, tune the engines, choose some of the most looking car skins, the most stunning rims and also get some cool neon light under your car! There are 30 supercars to choose from, 180 racetracks to test and improve your driving abilities. As you will see in this online car racing game you have the possibility to earn stars, diamonds, and money, With each of them you can improve the car's performance, buy or unblock better and after cars and play with the car stats. And when I say stats, you can modify the engine's top speed, the braking power, the damage received, and how much(dmg) you can inflict on your opponents. The acceleration, and steering sensitivity, and also the most important the Hp of the car. Check the cool 30 different and stun-looking car's skin that you can unblock and rap your car with. Choose the shining and most realistic rims, to equip your ride, and hook your car with one of 10 neons under your ride to make it look stunning. Collect the Daily rewards starting from day one you receive 2000 $, and up until the 9 days, you will receive 60000 $ if you are still playing the game.
Play Real Cars Extreme Racing online.
And continue to have fun in one of the best car racing games where you can enjoy realistic and smooth car physics, drive the cars to the limits and see which one of the cars will fit your style of driving online. Because the game is developed with WebGL technology from 2021 you can set the game on full screen and enjoy the well optimize graphics with no delay. Also, no download requirements are needed if you what to play the game for the first time, just click that play button and have fun destroy the other players in the cool game modes the game provides. Have fun with Real Cars Extreme Racing which is one of our new car racing games that you can play unblocked and with lower ads here on and make sure you do your best to finish all the game modes and become the king of the road!

Game modes in Real Cars Extreme Racing!
As you will play the game you will see what makes this car game special are the game modes. Below we will try to elaborate on some of the game features you can enjoy while playing Real Cars Extreme Racing unblocked here on

On the career mode, you can test some cool sub-modes provides that are called ''Race'', ''Against time, "Stunt", "Checkpoint", and "Fly Parkour. This mode, provides you with 36 dazzling racing tracks where you can enjoy adrenaline-pumping rides, drive the cars, race against drivers, players, and vs the Ai provided by the game. If you manage to compete in this mode you can earn about 540 stars that will do you good for improving the car performance. There are plenty of things to do in this mode, so make sure you explore and play it to have a blast!

-Mr. Policeman
It's one of my favorite mode in this game, where you are a rocky police driver and must drive and smash into the criminals and their cars to cath or immobilize them. All in a limited time that will test your driving abilities to the maximum.

-Battle Arena
In this mode you will join the arena with your tuned car, where you will play 1vs 10 or more players, that is only one goal to smash into your car and make it blow, or explore your car. The modes provide you with special abilities like a shield, hp, and damage. You can collect power-ups from the ground and they will provide you with up to five-time damage, a bonus of 25 Hp for your ca, and the classic shield that keeps you safe from a few seconds of the incoming damage the players are trying to inflict on your ride.

-Hot Chase
In this mode, you will be followed by the police and their cars, which will try to immobilize your car by inflicting damage to your ride. If your car takes too much damage you will lose in this mode. As you will see the cops are always on your tail, the longer you can avoid them the more you can stay in the game and you will receive more points and money. If your car HP reaches 0 the game is lost.
-2 Player Mode
In this mode, you can split the screen and let your friends join you in a fun and exciting race to the finish line. You will be tested on 12 different racing tracks that provide great entertainment. Beat your friends in this car simulator racing game and show them who is the boss on the road!

-Free Driving
In this mode, you have the possibility to explore and conquer the city streets. Where the developers of the game have hidden 60 diamonds all over the areas, and you must find and collect them all. Besides looking for diamonds you can try the ''Reward'' tables that provide you with money and other cool game features, bases on your drifting performance. This mode is available for playing every 300 seconds, but if you wait for the second ''Reward'' table mode you will receive extra or bonus rewards. Collect all the diamonds/keys from the levels and have fun playing, when you have enough keys collected some of the cars will be unlocked and available for you to test on the racing tracks.

Controls in Real Cars Extreme Racing!
-Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface.
Player 1 (Right) Controls
-Drive: "ARROW KEYS" or "WASD"
-Nitro: "N"
-Camera View: "C"

Player 2 (Left) Controls
-Drive: "WASD"
-Nitro: "T"

Released on: April 2021
Date added: Chicago Time 09:16 on 6 May 2021

Type WebGL - Engine Unity 2021
Mobile Mode No
Mobile ready No
Platform PC, and Web browser.
Categories Cars, Driving, Racing, Arena, Survive, Drifting & Tuning, Simulator.
HTTPS ready Yes

Real Cars Extreme Racing was developed by AYN Games. But you can play the games online for free on, along with many games from the developer

  • Awesome high-quality 3D graphics with beautifully detailed cars city streets and upgrades.
  • Daily rewards from day 1 up to day 9 you will receive money to use in-game.
  • Test 30 supercars, each with its own car settings.
  • There are 180 racetracks to drive and have fun on.
  • You can modify the speed, handling, engine power, braking, and other cool car thins on the garage.
  • You can also play with the tires and rims, choose the coolest-looking car skins (colors), and neon lights.
  • There are 5 game modes you can play.
  • Unlimited nitro in the game.
  • Earn money, diamonds, and stars to unlock more powerful cars, and also new levels.
  • Full-screen mode and HTTPS ready.
  • Great car driving and drifting physics.
  • Nice music and sounds.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

The web browser version of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Sea Monkey, and Avant Browser.
More information about Real Cars Extreme Racing
Enjoy one of the most complex racing car driving games you can play online in 2021 here on Play different modes and improve your driving abilities, while experiencing breathtaking stunts and improving your abilities behind the wheels of some of the coolest tuned supercars seen online. Where Real Cars Extreme Racing game it's developed with WebGL technology which allows the game to work perfectly in all modern and classic browsers. If you like this game also explore and play the best car racing games pc online to have a blast all day here on our website.

Make sure you check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube Game-play of Real Cars Extreme Racing for free on

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