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Plants Vs Aliens

Plants vs Aliens game it's now free on!
Where you can join yet another strategy base defense game with plants now vs aliens! Where the so-called Plants vs. Aliens is a fantastic tower defense strategy game that will keep you entertained for hours. The planet Earth was attacked by extraterrestrials one day. Because the Earthlings possessed no weapon capable of defeating the aliens, they folded their arms and prepared for the world's end. The earth was shrouded in a cloud of death, and there was no light coming through it. However, you were fortunate that you discovered a new weapon that can withstand the attacks of alien creatures. They were later genetically modified plants with a large size, a strong structure, and a strong shape. They are capable of attacking as well as defending. Each plant has its peel; for example, peas produce shoots, sunflowers bring the sun, potatoes deter the enemies, and plenty more. It is your responsibility to carry out the mission of protecting the environment from this Plants vs Aliens online.
What is the best way to play?
Take an arsenal of plants and use them to exterminate all aliens. You will have access to more and more new plants with each level, but you will also encounter many aliens. Plant sunflowers to attract suns, compelled to purchase new war plants. Play and experience what it's like to be a real farmer who has to transform his garden into a realistic military base by planting various plants. Fight off ever-increasing waves of alien attacks until the foreign invaders are defeated once and for all. You are the one who begins in this Plants vs Aliens unblocked.
About Plants vs Aliens?
What is the plot of Plant VS Aliens? It is a fun game with excellent music and straightforward management. All that's left is for you to do is fire your weapons throughout the area to eliminate the building's adversaries. The shovel, which can be found in the upper right corner of the screen, can be used to remove the gun from your possession. Control is accomplished through the use of the mouse. Extraterrestrials have overrun the earth. Everyone and everything on the planet was in danger of being exterminated. Fortunately, you've discovered a plant that can fight off those invading aliens. Now is the time to begin your ferocious battle with those extraterrestrials. You must put forth your best effort to save the planet's fate as you will see in this Plants vs Aliens free.
Game Features:
-Plants vs. Aliens is an online strategy defense game that you can play for free.
-It currently has some player votes, with a higher average rating and plenty of five stars.
-Fight against different types of aliens.
-The game will be released in August of this year.
-Different types of flowers that provide income, other shoots, and also some can be used as a shield.
-Platforms on which the game can be played include the following Android / iOS devices with a web browser (PC) (Mobile).
-Full-screen mode is available.
-HTTPS ready.

Type                      Flash(updated)
Subtype                Html5
Mobile Mode        No
Mobile ready        No
Platform                PC, and Web browser.
HTTP Ready          Yes
Gender                   StrategyTower defenseArcade, Coo Math, G A M E, 1 Player, Zombies, Kids, Boys, Unblocked games 76.

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 6

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Plants vs Aliens
Test another unique version of the plant's strategy-based game now vs the alien invaders on Also, Plants vs Aliens is developed with flash-and html5 which permits the game to work perfectly in all browsers. Enjoy playing other games that are like plants vs zombies that are free here on our websites like Bloons tower defense 5 while having fun online with other TD games here on our website!

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