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Math Buzz

Play Math buzz online for free on which is one of our selected learning games classified in our bee math games category offered here on our website. Start playing this educational game for kids where you can explore and have fun with practicing, 123 counting, and count up with numbers. In the Math buzz games, you must use your brain to become the protector of the bees. Like in all the days our hard-working bees are out to collect pollen and pollinate the flowers. You as a player it's your chance to solve some math bee questions that the game provides to improve your math learning skills and help the bees. What do you say? Are you skilled enough or you just want to learn math online with the help of games? If you give it a try just start by selecting some simple math skills and let the fun begin. You and the guardian bees have the same mission to protect the queen bee at all costs until we reach the finish line on each level. While playing the levels make sure you answer correctly each time to be able to save other bees, collect pollen and fight birds and other bugs before they hurt the queen bee. In this similar bee sting aftermath as you collect more and more bees you must keep your eyes on the power-up bubbles that are very useful when a large bird approaches. When you activate it a swarm of friends bees forwards at high speed crashing anything in the path. Enjoy answering many math bee questions 5th grade, and math bee sample questions grade 4 while you explore many levels through 5 unique worlds. It is important to know for each wrong answer you will lose one guardian bee. If you lose too many bees you will lose the game. Have fun in this epic kids math bee 2019 game while you enjoy helping our little hero bees survive and flourish in these math games that are fun.

How to play the game

After the game loads, you will start playing the game by pressing the play button from the title screen of the game. But before you press the play button you can erase your data if you have played before the game and want to start fresh. And also select the type of math skills you want to begin with. As you progress to the game interfaces you can also see there are nine skill grades from kindergarten to Grade 8 operation skills you can explore. Start with lower grades until you explore the game and adjust to the gameplay. In the lower grades operation, the will provide three skill grades available addictions, subtractions, and counting. As you start the game the minimap where the levels will be placed is hidden in a fog but as you progress more and more the map will be revealed. Each of the levels you must complete has indicated a number of missions you have to complete. For example, in level 1 you have to fly 100 inches, pollinate six flowers and defend the bee queen against a bird...So make sure you read the instruction of each level before you start playing it. Have fun and enjoy the most complex math bee 3rd grade question the game offers and improve your math games for school. Good luck and have fun! 


Release Date
The game was released in Mon Apr 06, 2020
Developer    TeachMe
Platform     PC, Web browser and Android.
Genre         Kids, Learning, Math, 
Modes       Training,  HTTPS ready, and Mobile-ready

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3
  • Enjoy a fun 2D kids combinations of bees and a queen bee that fight and pollinate flowers with the help of your math skills.
  • You can easily reset your progress and score to start over.
  • Fullscreen mode.
  • You can learn and polish your math skills with operation from kindergarten to grade 8 games equations.
  • You can log in to save your progress.
  • You can customize your selected starting skills.
  • You will start with the basic counting, substations, and additions.
  • Get the correct questions to make it safe to all the levels.

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Enjoy this fun buzz maths game online where you enjoy saving bees, pollinate flowers with the help of math. Math buzz it's a cool math kid learning games developed with html5 technology. This will allow it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. Have fun with these awesome practicing math skills and explore other similar math bee practice games.
For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips and Youtube Game-play of Math buzz online here on

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