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Mad Cars: Racing & Crash

Mad Cars: Racing & Crash game it's free on!
Join a friendly crossbreed of the battle arena, racing, and stunts in one new exciting game Mad Cars: Racing & Crash. You will have the possibility to compete in various car racing championships held in multiple locations worldwide. You will be required to select the game's difficulty level at the start of the game. After that, you'll go to the garage and select a vehicle with a specific speed and technical characteristics in mind. As a result, you will find yourself behind the wheel of a car on the starting line alongside your competitors. Everyone rushes forward when the signal is given, gradually picking up speed. You must overtake all of your competitors and finish first to win the race. Your adversary will attempt to do the same thing. As a result, you can either push them off the road or cause damage to their vehicles by ramming their cars at high speeds.
About Mad Cars: Racing and Crashing?
Mad Cars: Racing & Crash is a free 3D cartoon simulator that can be played. There are up to 35 different cars to choose from and 60 other racetracks! Aside from that, there are a variety of game modes to choose from, including career, free play, two-player, and battle arena. Race modes such as racing against rivals, racing against the clock, survival modes, and stunts and checkpoints are available in the career and multiplayer modes. In its way, each game mode is distinct and exciting in its own right. You can buy many different cars in the game and even customise the features on each of them, which makes it a vast and exciting game to play. This can be done in the garage, but it will cost a lot of money.
What is the best way to play?
Start the game, select one of the game modes, then the vehicle, and you're ready! Beat your opponents, walk around the city, jump on trampolines, collect crystals, float around, and have a great time. You can use an armoured car, a truck, a fire truck, a monster truck, a racing car, a work car, or any other vehicle. Riding freely through the trough world and participating in arena battles are both options. On the same split-screen computer, you can also compete against your friends simultaneously. So do your best and show the world who is the best driver online in this Mad Cars: Racing & Crash game unblocked here on!
Game Features:
-Mad Cars: Racing & Crash is a free 3D car simulator game that you can play online.
- 35 different vehicles
-4 modes are available Career, Free Drive, 2 Player VS, and Battle Arena.
- 60 racetracks, 
- A two-player mode, one free drive area, and a battlefield area to explore.
-Use an armoured car, a pickup truck, a firetruck, a monster truck, racing cars, a working machine, or anything else.
- Vehicles can also be purchased and upgraded.
-Player 1 Controls Move: "ARROW KEYS" or "WASD" Nitro: "Right Shift" Camera View: "C"
-Player 2 Controls Move "WASD" Nitro: "Left Shift".

                         WebGL ( subtype html5 )
Mobile Mode           Not implemented yet!
Platform                   PC, and Web browser.
HTTPS Ready            Yes
Categories                 Sports, Football, Car, 1 playerDriving, Kart, Multiplayer, Olympics, WebGL, Arena, Survive.

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Mad Cars: Racing & Crash

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

More Information About Mad Cars: Racing & Crash
Play this fun battle arena car game unblocked here on The 
Mad Cars: Racing & Crash game it's developed with WebGL technology which will allow the game to work perfectly in all modern and classic browsers. If you enjoy this car game for PC, try to beat car game to be the best in the arena and make epic stuns. Improve your skills behind the wheels and have a blast online here on our website.


To better understand the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of Mad Cars: Racing & Crash online here on

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