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Like A King

Like A King game, it's now free on all devices here on!
Our Kingdom is in desperate need of a new ruler. Castles, Lords, Knights, and Princesses with Princes can all coexist in a kingdom, but there can only be one king, as there is only one king in the world. As a result of this strategy game online, you must now demonstrate to all of your subjects (and, by the way, to your enemies as well) that you are the most qualified candidate for the throne and that you are capable of restoring normalcy to your kingdom. Okay, your majesty, do you happen to notice that pathetic player on the other side of the battleground? That's right, that's your competitor. I assure you that you will have many of them, my King as you will see in this Tower Defense video game. You will fight alongside them by erecting towers, mines, and barracks, as well as clearing paths for your troops, who will be tasked with destroying the enemy's castle. In this battle royale TD, you and your opponent fight online in these battles, and each decision and move you make will have an impact on who wins the fight.
Like a King is the subject of this article?
Well in this strategy game free you will learn exactly what is a kingdom? First and foremost, these are people, and second and most importantly, these are walls and protection. By the way, the second and third begin with people as a result, to be successful, you must care for people, and people require resources to live a normal life. For example, gold is a valuable resource that is found in abundance. Mining gold will enable you to obtain everything else, as you will be able to exchange it for goods, food, and weapons. Depending on the situation, the goods brought from the exchange and trade can construct defensive towers, cast weapons, and even hire new soldiers.
What exactly is the plot of Like A King?
In the strategy game, this fantasy world filled with magic, adventures, and legendary battles, you will find yourself in the land of thousand kingdoms. Fighting for the right to call this world their home are powerful kings of humans, orcs, elves, and undead. You are our King, and your story is just getting started from this point forward. Starting from the beginning of your conquest, you will be able to win hundreds of victories, conquer the entire world, and lead your kingdom to glory, resulting in the bards singing about your exploits! It sounds fantastic. But there's still more to come! "Like a King" a real-time strategy game that incorporates elements of tower defence, online arena brawlers, MOBA and collectable card games, is something you should be aware of as a wise ruler. To compete against other kings, you will use cards from your collection, but you will use them and combine them into formidable battle decks. Each card represents a structure that you can construct on the battlefield. And each form has its special abilities. For example, it can pop units, mine gold, or even pull bone spikes out of the ground! We have three factions, each with its army, as well as three large card collections to explore and combine to create your custom deck. So let's keep moving forward, my King, and the next stop will be war!
Game Features:
- Real-time battles with other players in real-time
- A fun real-time strategy games browser.                      
- A large collection of cards to collect and use
- Three factions: Human, Orc, and Undead
- Fast battles with a variety of tactics
- Campaign with a large storyline and boss fights
- Arena generation system: each fight takes place on a different battleground.
- Weekly tournaments with special rewards
- Matches against the most despised opponents
- League Tournaments 
- Quests and Seasons
- Https and mobile-ready.
- Full-screen mode available.

Release Date        December 27, 2020
Date added          Chicago Time: 23 January 2022 13:59

Type                      Html5
Developer             LAK Games
Mobile ready        Yes 
Platform                PC, and Web browser also on Android, iOS
HTTPS Ready         Yes
Gender                    Mobile, Strategy, Tower defense, Action, Castle, Html5.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 7
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Like A King

The web browser version of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

More Information About Like A King
Join in this old school medieval tower defence games pc that provides a nice mixture of MOBA and RTS here on Also, the Like A King game is developed with Html5 and WebGL technology that allows the game to work flawlessly on browser and mobile devices. If you like this rpg and strategy game make sure you try other similar games like Tower Defense 3. Have fun online here on our website!


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