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And join a fun 3D .io multiplayer web-based game online with pirates and ships, where you try to survive the hostile oceans' lands. While collecting wood, gold, and other resources to grow your boat into the biggest and most dangerous pirate ship that rules the oceans. There are two ways in this unblocked that can lead you to victory, one is to kill the other players and the other is one more peacefully and in an explorer way. Where you must search and collect on different islands the crabs and shells. As you start the game you see you are equipped with a fishing road, a canon, and a binocular. So make use of every item you have for example with the fishing road you can fish the wood crated and pull them back to your raft to receive XP, material, and gold. With the cannon, you can shoot the other player's boat to give damage, but watch out and do your best to aim lower and shoot, it shots a bit higher than usual.
What is
Also, you can buy ships or build them, by changing the build of your character provides you with a significant edge during combat, and is necessary to find one's personal favourite, and experiment with different builds and Items to make the best possible build for your skills and style of game-play. While making this a good advantage, during the battle against other players. As you fight and roam the sea, you can see large fish jumping from the water if you can hook any fish you can sell them and receive a lot of money between $50 - $350 per piece.

Tips and Tricks in
But the fish are not the most expensive thing you can sell but the crabs go somewhere between $30-$400. The more you gather and sell the more money you have to buy ships starting the economy and traders. Explore all the islands that you can see on the map to the right of the game interface, and join crews that are docked there and trade with them maybe who knows you can make some friends. And not last use some money to upgrade the cannon damage, range, and fire rate so you can fight easily the other players. Try to reach the max level of 50 and choose the best skills and items to help you dominate the sea in this unblocked here on And have a blast all day and all night maybe learn some hacks to become the king of the sea.
Controls in
Mouse - Control the Cannon. Press or hold the left mouse button, or LMB, to fire.
Escape - See your mouse and use it in menus.
Shift - View user leaderboard
Enter - Chat, press again to send a message.
WASD - Move around and steer the ship, if you are the captain.
TAB - Switch between Global Chat and Local Chat without pressing escape to click between them.
1,2,3 - Switch between your Cannon, Fishing Rod, or SpyGlass.
5,6,7 Upgrade your fire rate, distance, or damage.
-Use the scroll of the mouse to zoom in or out, to have a better view of the character or the lands and obstacles around you.

Release Date  
The game was first released back in December 2016 and constantly updated and improved until 03.03.2020. New maps, upgrades, skins, and other cool game features are added to make the game more fun to play. The game has reached the v1.10.1 patch which was the latest update added to the game in 3.18. 2021. The game is available online, on Android, where you can play it with your friends!
Date added        Chicago Time: 10:23 on 30 March 2021
Updated On       13.05.2022
Type                              WebGL- Html5
Platform                       PC, and Web browser.
HTTP Ready                  Yes
Mobile Ready                Not implemented yet.
Gender                           Adventure, RPG, Survive, Multiplayer, Explore, IO. Building, 

The game was developed by LapaMauve(Jaeyun Noh). But you can play the game free online on Along with more games from the developer like Craft Raft Battle,,,,, and many more.

The web browser, and the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Avant Browser.

Wants new in Version v1.10.1?
  • New clan leaderboard
  • Revamped UI
  • New Raft model
  • Fixed audio timing for shooting the cannon
  • Swapped the new island music track with the old ocean music track
  • Decreased timeout for ending battle music
  • Increased cooldown on a fishing rod
  • Kill messages are now hidden when the UI is hidden

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

  • Enjoy this fun mixture of shooting, building, multiplayer, and io games with pirates and ships.
  • Decent 3D graphics with vibrant colors.
  • You have three options, to fish, shoot with the cannon, or the binoculars to see at a far distance.
  • 3D Free Camera: you control the camera!
  • You can buy ships items and goods.
  • You can join a crew or create one with your friends.
  • The bank is available at the Labrador.
  • A minimap.
  • Quests to complete and the rewards you can earn.
  • The player and your ship level up becoming stronger, more powerful, and with a bigger pirate ship.
  • If you manage to fish large sharks or other fish you get a lot of money.
  • Addicting game-play.
  • Multiplayer mode with many more updates daily.

More Information About
Enjoy the online where you can explore and build your ship and level up your pirate to dominate the sea here on game can be played for free online on any browser type because is developed with WebGL technology. If you enjoyed this fun tips and tricks make sure you try other similar io games to play with friends and have fun here on our website!

Make sure you check the tips Video instructions and Youtube game-play of the game for free on

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