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    Aim And Shoot
    Inventory/place Wepoans game it's now online for free on is one of our selected battle royale games classified in the list of .io games offered on our website. In this epic top view .io games survival like in the other similar games of .io and Zombs, you have to be the last survivor to win the game. As the game starts, you will be placed only with an ax like in the famous Fortnite game on the map. Besides, you will find golden chests that are filled with weapons, ammunition, healing potions, and mana. Use the F or E keys to open and pick your favorite weapons and place them in your inventory.  As you will see in the game interface, you have four boxes where you can place 4 items. It is recommended to take one or 2 weapons and on the other two empty boxes to get grenades or portions to heal your wounds after battles. In this Fortnite-inspired .io game, you can build walls to defend yourself again the other players! To have wood use the pickax and hit the threes and boxes, stones, and houses to get materials. Like in all battle royale game there is a safe zone and the red zone. The red zone will shrink and damage anyone caught inside it. That's why you have to move and always stay in the safe zone. To be able to annihilate the players use the rocket launcher that will destroy even the fortified walls built for protection boy the other players. Hide inside the house and collect as many supplies as possible, drink the mana potions to have extra life and shield, and collect as many bullets to be prepared for many battles. Enjoy this fun epic battle royale .io game for kids and have a blast online with the best .io online games!
Release Date
December 2019
  1.     WASD to move
  2.     E or F to pick up items
  3.     Left-click to shoot/build
  4.     Q to toggle build mode
  5.     Space bar to jump
  6.     Shift to sprint
  7.     R to reload
  8.     M to view map
  9.     1-6 to switch weapons
Developer was developed by Marl. But you can play this game of .io online free on
Content rating
Teen, Pegi 12

The web browser game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Tips and tricks to know about your ''Account''
 -Only one account is allowed per user. Any other accounts are no longer considered.
-Accounts registered with an invalid e-mail address are no longer considered valid.
-Your account is to only be used by you. Any notice of account sharing, trading, giving away, or any action that has someone else use your account can result in the termination of your account.
 -The transfer of accounts or any in-game content is not allowed. This includes the currencies used by, its skins and its boosts.
  -Any attempt at using names that cause the game to not function properly will result in a permanent IP ban.
  -Any tricks and hacks for the attempt to obtain coins, skins, or boosts using illegal methods will result in a permanent IP ban.
  • Awesome low poly 2D graphics with beautiful vibrant colors.
  • One large map filled with places to explore, players to kill, supply to collect.
  • Skins, coins, and other items are available in the game.
  • You can use only one account per email.
  • To have feedback and support for any bugs or problems, you must create an account.
  • The possibility to use the global chat.
  • Nice music and sounds.

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Fun to play .io games shooting with cartoonish graphics but addicting game-play. That can be played online for free on it's developed with Html5 technology allowing it to work perfectly on all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this fun io game multiplayer and want to play more similar .io games like Fortnite, make sure you check our battle royale category here on Good luck and have fun!
Make sure you check the tips, Video instructions, and Youtube game-play of for free on

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