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  • Drive/balance
    Brake The 18 Wheeler.

Just Park It 7

Get ready for a new intense game 18 wheeler truck parking online here on to learn how to drive and park along with a long 18 wheeler with a heavy trailer. In Just park it 7 games you will test the new truck in the city and you must park the truck in some crowded car parking spots. Without crossing the big 18 wheeler again other cars and other drivers. To play the game use arrow keys to drive and space to brake. There are 10 intense levels and 20 spots to park. Challenge yourself online and improve to become the best driver online and from this new Vitalitygame game called just park it 7. Always follow the arrow to the parking spots and have a blast exploring other similar 18 wheeler truck simulator games online from the sequel like Just Park It 8, Just Park It 9, and Just Park It 10. Good luck!

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This game was added in November 24, 2014 and it was played 24.2k times since then. Just Park It 7 is an online free to play game, that raised a score of 3.82 / 5 itibaren 85 oy.