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Horror Nights Story

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And prepare to join a fun action-survival mystery Minecraft 3D first-person game that will blow you away. You better burrow quickly to getaway! Set up your brain for crowds of alarming beasts like young lady apparition and bat that are slithering through an old mine, attempting to get you! You are equipped with just a pickaxe and bombs for every one of the five evenings. You need to get to the most distant limit of passage quickly and not get eaten alive! While likewise dealing with another room with an oxygen generator. Watch out for the electric power outage. No art will help you here, simply your legs so you can escape from this bad dream! Experience game components in a 3D Minecraft world with startling monsters to overcome. You'll need to deal with your time reasonably in Horror Nights Story internet game as you uncover your direction and persevere through five evenings in the mine! Frightfulness Nights Story is an action game for all ages where you need to move away from the startling profundities of an old mine! Created by Rostislav Kaloc and Tasty Air. Loathsomeness night stories are continually being the kids' top choice. We as a whole grew up by paying attention to some deadly loathsomeness night stories. We should have an honest look at the awful night stories with the repulsiveness night story game. In the experience game for pc, you need to deal with your time while delving into a mine to go through a night there. It will help if you stay mindful of the beasts there. To be there in the game, you need to safeguard yourself while being in the mine. Go through the five evenings there and dominate the match in this horror night story game

Tips in Horror Nights Story
Burrow and discover opportunity through old mine while fleeing from a murderous swarm of beasts, pursuing you. Yet, be on the post! It would help if you dealt with every one of the five bombs ready for obliterating the mine. How would it be a good idea for you to manage the mine? What is running out? Taken, the mine should be destroyed and backfilled already. What turned out badly with a fundamental thing? 
Game features in Horror Nights Story!
- Easy touch control 
- 3D square world with beasts 
- Challenging life puzzle game 
- Five evenings to beat 
- Mine area 
- Find a way how to oppose swarm bear assaults 
- Figure out how to make do with restricted supplies 
- Whole new harrowing tale! 
- Awesome inclination with earphones 
-Three gameplay scenes
-Cool 3D Minecraft-style graphics
-On-screen instructions
-Jumpscares element
What do the players say about Horror Nights Story?

Incredible FNaF fan game! 
This is an incredible FNaF fan game joined with a Minecraft game. However, it needs improvement. A portion of the jumpscare shouts is similar to sounds from FNaF 1. Couldn't you make your own? If you make another update, you should make your jumpscare sounds. Likewise get away from 4 is outlandish; I continue to get killed. I likewise get jump scared by a young lady. What is the reason for the young lady? Plz, eliminate that young lady.
Additionally, make get away from 4 more straightforward by making the beasts less forceful. Further, there is no more significant number of beasts in the last escapes than the last ones. The lone way the game gets more diligently is by making the foes more forceful and squares taking more time to mine. What about change stuff like on get away from 1 a portion of the beasts from the openings assault and the apparition assaults. Departure 2 all beasts from openings assault, and Freddy likewise comes. Please, update. We are much obliged to you. 
A great game, however, it needs more features to fix and improve!
Albeit the game is a little buggy, I'm giving it a five-star rating. I'm giving it five stars since it's a fun and charming game. I feel that the ongoing interaction gets extremely tedious and somewhat exhausting towards the later escapes. I believe that toward the finish of the game, you should make additional items many appearances of the entirety of the beasts and surprisingly, a custom night would be entertaining. Additionally, a continuation or prequel would be valued. Try not to misunderstand me. I partake in the game, yet habit-forming by addition to the game would be incredible. By how the accomplishments menu doesn't work for me and I paid for no advertisements, yet I still some of the time get promotions. Much obliged for the time.

Release Date
-March 2015 (Android)
-April 2015 (iOS)
-April 2019 (WebGL) and was updated on August 2019
Horror Nights Story was made by Paper Bunker. They also developed other cool games like Goat vs Zombies.
What is new in the V 2.2 updated on 7 July 2020
- Critical hit feature
- Whole new main menu
- New buttons and notifications in gameplay
Type                               Html5
HTTPS Ready                Yes
Mobile Ready                Yes
Mobile Mode                Landscape
Genre                              ScaryAction, Minecraft, Eio, MOMO.
Web browser. In the web browser, the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Teen, Pegi 12
More Information About Horror Nights Story
Join a fun cool 3D survival horror game where you have to survive five nights into a mine full of monsters to win the game. So play this Horror Nights Story online game along with other realistic new Minecraft games for pc. Besides, that Horror Nights Story is developed with html5 technology allows the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers and on some mobile devices. If you enjoyed this pixel online survival game check our action and escape games category to have a blast!

Walkthrough of 
Horror Nights Story
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