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FNF: Fruit Medley Mayhem Mod

Play FNF: Fruit Medley Mayhem Mod free online on!

And get your finger and year ready to synchronize with your body in the new MOD from the Friday Night Funkin' series. Where our protagonist Boyfriend, again caught in aquitard circumstances, must fight against a group of hot-looking pop stars girls known as the Fruit Medley. The unending fun given by our class of Friday Night Funkin' Games online isn't going to stop any time soon, which is the reason we are charmed that right as of now, we will impart to everybody the game called FNF: Fruit Medley Mayhem Mod, where Fruit Medley is a pair of pop stars who need to intrigue GF's mother, which is the reason they have tested BF, who has effectively crushed her, and whom she loathes. In this FNF: Fruit Medley Mayhem Mod you will see as you play a while you must win against two girls in the accompanying custom melodies named Honeydew, Cavendish, and Sengana. 
How to play and win in the FNF: Fruit Medley Mayhem Mod?
Where in this new FNF game MOD online, you will have to battle head to head against these two new characters in either the Story mode or FreePlay mode. It depends if you have played any FNF game from the series. If you are a noob playing for the first time, make sure to play the training from Story MOD where you can adjust the intensity of the songs and rhythm. When you play a few rounds and adjust to the songs. All will depend upon you and your outstanding objective parts as before, which is to arrive at the finish of the melodies and have the advancement bar be turned in support of yourself, basic as that. Appropriate the fundamental keys and harmonizing the notes of the songs at the correct times, so when you see the bolt icons pair over BF's head, you need to press a similar key on your console to organize with the outline, which furthermore indicates that on the off possibility that you miss doing this too frequently, you lose the game and require to start once more. Have a good time, and funk out in these cool FNF rhythms here on our website, and make sure you do good and don't make GF jealous because of the other beautiful girls from the MOD. Good luck and have fun as always here on with the newest FNF game modes from the series unblocked! 

What it's the story behind the FNF: Fruit Medley Mayhem Mod?
At some point, Boyfriend is walking around the city along with her lover GF. When he's met with a group of brilliantly shaded pop stars calling themselves the Organic product Medley. Deadset on intriguing Girlfriend's mother, they challenge her most exceedingly terrible foe to a singing rivalry. With your mic close by, you should go head to head against the perilously coquettish Mel, the enthusiastic Bana, and the extreme Peri in this basic yet sweet mod.

Controls in FNF: Fruit Medley Mayhem Mod!
This MOD furthermore continues the productive game frameworks like either mode from every FNF series. So to play the game, press Enter to select/move within the game interfaces. Press ESC to go back to the previous interface. And press on the Arrow keys to tap and perform inside the game. Also, with the + and - you can customize the strength of the songs.

Songs in 
FNF: Fruit Medley Mayhem Mod:

Credits for this FNF: Fruit Medley Mayhem Mod:
Cinnamatsu: Artist, Animator, Composer, Charter, Programmer. Everything, without the special game engine

Original credit of Friday Night Funkin'
-ninja_muffin99 – Programming
-KadeDev – Programming
-PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – Artists
-kawaisprite – Music
-And everyone that contributed to Github.
Released on:     07.07.2021
Date added:      
Chicago Time 17:05 on 7 July 2021
Type                       Kade Engine
Status                     In development
HTTPS ready 
Genre                      Music, Rhythm, Abilities, Dance.
Platforms                Windows, macOS, Linux, PC, and Web Browser.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3
-FNF: Fruit Medley Mayhem Mod

The web browser version of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Avast secure, and Avant Browser. 

This mode of the FNF is an open-source beta game, so make sure to support the developers here.

More Information About FNF: Fruit Medley Mayhem Mod
Join in this fun new girls FNF MOD where BF battles against three beautiful pop singers' energetic songs here on free. The FNF: Fruit Medley Mayhem Mod version of the game is developed with Haxe and OpenFL technology which allows the game to work on windows, browsers, and any PC. If you like this online FNF MOD make sure to try other similar unblocked FNF games modes from the series here on our website!

Check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of FNF: Fruit Medley Mayhem MOD here on

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