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Freefall Tournament

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Which is one of our selected battle royale games classified in our next-gen multiplayer games category offered here on our website. FreeFall Tournament is categorized as a stunning and complex 3D shooting game in a third-person perspective, where you fight to dominate the arena and win matches XP and Z Cash. Join a unique experience space marines themed by fighting in space in Blue or Gold teams and dominating the arena in this cool third-person shooter while choosing one of the 10 classes available each one with different abilities.
What is Freefall Tournament?
At the beginning of the game, you will have to register and confirm an email. But you can also play as a guest with no registration but your save data, rank, medals earned and experience will not save. You will get more and more skills and you will be able to open some upgrades. The main task is to destroy the enemy and win. Select your class and engage in a battle to the death as you fight your way through any of the 3 world maps. Play in four map locations on the moon Training Arena, Shuttle Bay, Moon Base, and Space. And select to play from one of these Team Death Match, Control Point Scramble, King of the Hill, and Payload game modes to play and have fun. Ranks up to Marshal Station Upgrade your troop and increase your firepower as you look to eliminate all of the others and become the last troop standing but with AI and other human players up against you, you will have to ensure that you keep your back covered or risk being ambushed. 
Tips And Tricks In Freefall Tournament?
Also, in the team deathmatch remember you need to play as a team or a group combining your skill and coordination to determine the winner of this tournament. Have fun in this epic third-person shooter and remember in the team wins you earn more than when you lose. Also, rewards are not given for individual kills all players are rewarded equally as long as the team wins the round. Improve your skills and equipment, pick a war field to train or really fight and try to stay alive. Have fun here on and enjoy other counter strike games to play for free. Have fun!

Release Date     
April 2014
Updated On       05.31.2022
Platform            PC and Web browser, Also, on Steam
Genre                 Shooting, Action, Multiplayer, WarUnblocked, Survive, Boys, WebGL, 1 Player, GAMESunblocked 66, unblocked 76.
                Unity 3D
Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 12
Use W, A, S, D (or arrow keys), and the mouse that moves the character
Space – activates jetpack for jump
Left Shift – jetpack thrust down in air; sliding on ground when in motion
Left Mouse Button – fires a weapon
Right Mouse Button – target locks reticle when on target
1, 2 – switch weapons
R – reload / special
Q – special class-specific power 1
E – for special class-specific power 2
F –  use bombs
T – text chat
G – for team (group) chat
C – changes class on respawning
Tab – shows teams info
O – options/settings menu
Y – vote yes to resign
N – vote to not resign
Enter or Return, or Space – respawns
F11 – full-screen
ESC – windowed
To update the controls go to [O] for Settings and select Arrange Keys
  • Intense action-packed game with breathtaking fights.
  • Play Blue VS Gold in a nice similar capture the flag game.
  • Great detailed 3D graphics, with lots of levels, skins, weapons, upgrades, and a lot more cool stuff to keep you in the game.
  • Select from the 10 classes available in the game like Gunner, Tank, Tech, Scout, Blazer, Blaster, Shocker, Assassin, Commando, and Bomber.
  • Each class has 2 weapons, 2 abilities, and 1 bomb type - all are unique.
  • Explore four different types of maps Training Arena, Shuttle Bay, Moon Base, and Space Station.
  • Intense with fast-paced, team combat animations, and camera control that makes this game a great experience and a lot of fun.
  • Fun to play on a daily basis.

Tips and Tricks to know before playing the game
-Players level up typically through teamwork, not by individual performance.
-Each class depending on the map you are playing has combat advantages and disadvantages, make sure you choose wisely.
-You can not one-shot any of the other players doesn't matter what weapons you use.
-Use jetpack thrusts to bound across maps and slide to take advantage of forwarding momentum.
-Choose also wisely the type of class you want to play each class has 2 weapons, 2 abilities, and one 1 bomb type.
-A powerful class called the ''Tech'' heals the other players healing while laying down turrets and even throwing bombs!

Freefall Tournament  the game Unblocked On
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For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube game-play of Freefall Tournament online here on Also,  for more information about the game pack updates, skins, bonuses, and daily rewards you can check the Tournament guide here!

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