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FNF Vs Roblox Doors

Here you can play free online the new FNF vs Roblox Doors game mode on Brightestgames!
Fans of FNF and Roblox game, a new MOD was added today on our website, being ready to be tested with our rap battle skills! Where any of you guys like to have a little fun with your nerves and experience some nightmares? Then we are delighted to extend a warm welcome to all of the daredevils participating in "FNF Roblox Doors"! You will come face to face with some of the most horrific beasts that have found their way into the realm of Friday Night Funkin in this area. They have concealed themselves behind several doors and are now watching their victim with vigilance. However, lady luck is not in their favor on this particular day. It's possible that this time the monsters may end up being the ones on the receiving end of the musical assault as they brace themselves for the cruelest and most intense battle of their whole existence. The girlfriend's boyfriend has put in a lot of time in the gym, and as a result, he is always prepared to battle any adversary. Shall we lend a hand to him? Because of business!

What is FNF vs Roblox Doors?
There is a mode in the game that is referred to as "free play." You are not constrained to follow a particular sequence here, and you are free to choose the foe you are looking forward to fighting the most at that specific time. The terrifying creatures in Roblox Doors, such as Rush, Figure, Halt, and a spider, will be among the adversaries you face. They have a lengthy history of terrifying a large number of Roblox players and profiting off of their terror. However, the moment has come for everything to respond. In order to prevail against formidable foes, you need to display an unmatched level of agility and response speed. If you keep repeating all of the arrow combinations throughout the lover's party, you will be able to destroy even the most potent foes.

How To Play FNF vs Roblox Doors?
When playing the game in either the ''Story or ''Free Play'' modes, the goal is the same: play through each song to its conclusion by striking the right notes in the correct order. Press the corresponding arrow keys when you see a pair of floating arrow symbols above BF on the right that match. If your health bar runs out from not getting your notes in order, you lose and have to start again. 

Songs In FNF vs Roblox Doors:
- Demise
- Rushing
- Hide
- Small-Spider
- Encounter
- Halt
- Abuse

FNF vs Roblox Doors Mod Credits:
Leetram: I spend too long working on this mod (Coder)
Yosibu: Fat Balls (Artist)
Kal: Professional Gigachad and Doors Player (Animator)
Rochiexe: it’s pronounced ro-chee-zuh. not rochi-e.x.e. (Artist)
Musicians: & Chromatic Makers
Giannis: I am giannis (Chromatic Maker)
Hris: Common hris W (Chromatic Maker)
ChemicalArtist: Buff Figure!!! (Artist & Animator)
Ripsy: literally obsessed with among us lmao? (Artist & Animator)

Game Engine Credits:
RiverOaken: Main Artist/Animator
Yoshubs: Assistant Programmer
Shadow Mario: Main Programmer
bbpanzu: Ex-Programmer

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