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FNF Vs. Blue (Rainbow Friends)

Play the new FNF game mode in FNF Vs. Blue (Rainbow Friends) free and unblocked on!
Hello, and welcome to the world-famous stage of the performance "Friday Night Funkin"! This week, the blue monster from the Rainbow Friends team will serve as the featured attraction of the Friday celebration. In the Roblox game, this path has functioned well for a considerable time. Nightmare boys accepted the challenge of the most popular Roblox players and participated in a wrestling bout against them. But now is the moment for us! As for today, we are going to pit one of the Friends of the Rainbow against another in a musical battle. They will be blue. This individual is tall, and his arms are very powerful. Agility and a good sense of rhythm are the only things that matter in this battle. So let's test not just our musical ability but also that of our adversary, shall we?

What is the Story in the FNF Vs. Blue (Rainbow Friends) MOD?
An unanticipated event will throw a wrench into the plans for the day's trip to the Oddworld amusement park, which was intended to be a happy and enjoyable experience. The four Rainbow Friends want to have some fun, and this event will give Blue the chance to issue a duel challenge to Boyfriend based on a new song that Blue has written. Our protagonist BF won't have to offer into Blue's anxiety and arm-twisting if he wants to maintain the beat running for the entirety of "Odd Friend," which Green, Orange, and Violet will be watching as they listen to our two sidekicks sing. The Freeplay menu has a hidden remix of the song "Friend To Your End," which may be found as a bonus.

Tips And How To Play the FNF Vs. Blue (Rainbow Friends)!
You must battle and defeat a plush monster to win the game "FNF Roblox Rainbow Friends: Blue." To do this, you will require to repeat all of the arrow combinations and input them using the keys on the keyboard. You can effortlessly take care of the opponent if you pay attention to detail and are nimble enough. If you dither, the Blue Friend will have an opportunity to take the lead and win. This is in no way acceptable! If you want to win in any of the two game types that you will play, all you have to do is get to the finish of the songs, which you accomplish by hitting the notes that are shown on the charts until the song is over. Therefore, when you see floating arrow symbols that match BF's head, you should strike the notes by pressing the corresponding arrow keys.

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