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Evo-F5 game it's free online on!
Where you can join the fifth installment of the car games where you can drive anywhere, from the free 3D driving game Evo-F series, where you can test-drive the hottest super sports cars. Also, in this car game to play, you can even drive a forklift, learn to steer, and park a heavy truck with a trailer. And of course, for those hot road car lovers that enjoy the classic muscle cars, the developers of the game have implemented cars with American history. Providing you with the option of a Historical sports car requiring restoration to make it functional. Meaning you will have the possibility to drive, race, make stunts, and restore cars all in one game online in the Evo-F5 here on free! For the tuning car lovers, you will see there are plenty of options to do on the unblocked cars, like paint them as you like, change the wheels, wings, and modify the components on the engine, transmission, steering, front, and rear axle. The cars are pretty realistic making this one of the best car simulators you can play online and on pc in 2021. Play around with the car stability controls of the vehicles like driving assistance, 4WD, 4x4, AWD, and more, which will provide you with the possibility to test the limits of every vehicle in the game. There is a certain modification that you can make to the gameplay that you must take into consideration based on your pc performance. Like set on the car destruction, activate the city traffic, you can even share the game setup through the .vhl file. What is also remarkable in this car driving game is the simple possibility of changing between the cars, while playing the game. Whiteout having to go through all the game interfaces, just check on the top game interface the red change car button and change into the car you want to test-drive. All the hot cars are unblocked giving you full freedom to drive and manipulate the obstacles and customize the map to your own preferences. Go crazy on ramps in this car game unblocked even use the forklift and the truck with the trailer to jump on ramps and platforms and see what happens with the physics of the vehicles. Besides all of that, you can take a mission, like using the forklift to transport the old cars from one location to another where the restoration of the car project will take place. get wild do what you want to test the highest speed, smash into other cars, become a GTA driver if you want it is up to you you got the total freedom, and enjoy the next-gen and high quality of the game and make sure you play Evo-F5 every day in full screen on free! If you like this game make sure please you change the other games from the Evo F series we got them all just click that play button and have fun online here on our website!

Controls in Evo-F5
WASD = Drive
mouse = Interaction 
ENTER = Reset car
R = Repair car
T = Slow time
C = Change camera
SPACE = Handbrake
U = Arm Up
J = Arm Down
I = Fork Up 
K= Fork Down

Release Date    May, 2021
Updated on      27.05.2021
Date added      Chicago Time: 09:04 on 5 June 2021

Developer               Corbyn Studion
Platform                  Pc and Web browser.
HTTPS Ready          Yes
Mobile Ready           No
Mobile Mode            No
Genre                       Cars, Sports, Simulator, Driving, 3D, Boys, Car games unblocked, Unblocked Games, Unblocked Games 66.
HTTPS Ready           Yes

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

  • Enjoy a fun 3D highly detailed car simulator game from the Evo-F series now on our websites unblocked.
  • You can test-drive different cars like Bugatti Divo, Lamborghini Veneno, Ferrari 458 Italia, and other vehicles.
  • You can make your unique car change colors, painting, wheels, wings, or repair the car damaged.
  • In the new version, of the Evo-F5 you can restore old cars and make them drive again.
  • Four different angles of the camera.
  • Full-screen mode.
  • Realistic driving with great car physiques.
  • You can set the car damage on and off.
  • You can close or turn on the traffic of the city.
  • Addicting game-play.

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More Information 
about Evo-F5
Have fun with one of the best 3D games of car simulator that can be played online for free on Evo-F5 it's developed with WebGL technology which allows the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoy this game make sure you beat car games like Bugatti and Lamborghini in other similar games like Scrap Metal 6, and Turbo Car Driving, Good luck, and enjoy these car games that are free! Have fun!


For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of Evo-F5 online here on

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This game was added in June 05, 2021 and it was played 28.7k times since then. Evo-F5 is an online free to play game, that raised a score of 4.39 / 5 itibaren 587 oy.