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Cursed Treasures 1½

Here is the online and mobile Cursed Treasures 1½ game; you can play it free unblocked on BrightestGames!
Are you a fan of strategy and defense games? How about joining a classic mixture of castle defense and tower defense in a new version of the famous ''Cursed Treasures'' games? Join a realm of magic and demons in the Cursed Treasures 1 1⁄2, where you will assume the role of the evil guardian of the old woodland and preserve the gems from the invasion of the neighbouring kingdom! After decades of peace and serenity, the conflict broke out again over the right to control the remaining three relics, wrapped in black magic, which the power-hungry rulers sought unsuccessfully to restrain.

What is Cursed Treasure One And A Half?
The undead and monster horde are closing in on the old temple housing the mystical jewels. Your goal in Cursed Treasure 12 is to prevent the destruction of the temple and the looting of its valuable artefacts. On the screen in front of you is the path to the temple. Scrutinize everything. You'll need to use a specialized control panel to strategically position a variety of towers and other fortifications along the highway. Your troops can use them as firing positions when the enemy comes. You'll rack up the points by taking down your enemies with pinpoint accuracy. With them, you may strengthen existing towers or construct entirely new ones.

How To Play Cursed Treasures 1½?
There are several challenging stages ahead of you in which you must withstand enemies' attacks to protect valuable items. Line the path your enemies will go with protective towers. They will automatically shoot against opponents within range. Click on one of the constructions and place it in an empty cell in the playing area. You can choose between a bunker, a tomb, or a temple, among other tower configurations. However, keep in mind that, except at altitudes, the structures mentioned above may only be constructed on specific types of terrain. Get enough mana to employ utility spells to cut down trees, improve your rate of fire, or unleash meteor showers on your adversaries. The experience you receive in combat is just as precious as the gold you find, and it will help you develop new abilities. Increase your standing to reach the top of the player rankings! 

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