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    Attack/dubble Attack


Here is the online Catattack game; you can play it free unblocked on Brightestgames!
For all those that enjoy cat and fights, how about playing a fun arcade beat-em-up cartoony game? Where must you prepare to put down the claws and go to war with some felines? If so, then you've arrived at the Catattack arcade game. The typical perception of cats is that they are fluffy, attractive, and prone to napping on soft surfaces while purring contentedly. When released into the street, however, this gentle creature becomes a feral beast at the sight of an intruder. He lunges at the uninvited visitor, ready to tear him to shreds.

What is Catattack game?
It's raining cats and dogs, so it's no surprise that a little white cat has gotten caught in the middle. If you're going to mess things up in Rome, you might as well do it there. In Survival Mode, you can try to outlast the game's escalating pandemonium across several waves. Get a high score by catching fish and kicking as much tail as you can. The whole time chaos was raining down on them!

How To Play the Catattack game?
Today, you'll take on the role of a charming pepper that can quickly morph into a fierce warrior. First, decide whether you want to play inaccessible or survival mode before diving into the action. Your primary objective is to wipe out as many foes as possible. However, things are made more difficult because they will occur on the roadway, above the racing cars. Your hero will be damaged if you trip and fall or an adversary pushes the kitten. Maintain an eye on your life meter and wipe out as many foes as possible.

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This game was added in September 02, 2022 and it was played 562 times since then. Catattack is an online free to play game, that raised a score of 5.00 / 5 itibaren 6 oy.