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Burnout Extreme Drift 2

Play Burnout Extreme Drift 2 free
Try now car racing game best online on in the second sequel of the Burnout Extreme Drift in the new improved car drifting game called Burnout Extreme Drift 2. Where you can test the most powerful modified streets cars specially prepared for drifting and burning those rubber wheels. Test the most fun tracks filled with snow, and water while improving your dexterity behind the wheels through different locations on ten levels in the drifting or racing mode available in the game. Start with the racing mode, move around the tracks, and competing for first place while adjusting to the car physic and power. Do your best to learn 2 to drifts like a pro and also make it to the finish line in the first place to earn cash and get gold stars. You will see based on your time and performance you will earn on each level a star rating. Try to have at least two stars on each level or maybe if you think you are skilled enough try to qualify and earn all three gold start to get more money and points. Gather 72000$ dollars to unblock the Mazda Rx7 and drive the world's best drifting car, maybe tune it, and paint it as you like. Do your best in this drifting game pc improve and feel the quality of the drifting physics, while enjoying those wheels screening while leaving traces of rubber on the asphalt. Test all cars and see which one is closer to your style of driving and racing and have fun in Burnout Extreme Drift 2 on with no download, in full screen, and also unblocked!
Play Burnout Extreme Drift 2 online
This drifting game unblocked called Burnout Extreme Drift 2 which is one of our top racing and drifting game been classified in our 3D games and also cars simulator category with games offered free on our website. In this realistic car racing games pc, you can enjoy stunning realistic graphics with highly detailed cars, tracks, the garage, snowing effects all been completed by the refined drifting physics of the cars. To experience the real deal you must set the quality of the game to high then you can really feel the realistic and smooth gameplay. Burnout Extreme Drift 2 it's developed with WebGL (Unity 2021) technology that makes the game work on any type of browser. That's why when you are playing the game for the first time no download requirements are needed. Do your best have fun whit this car racing game pro and also play other similar games like Rx7 Drift 3D, and Rocket Cars Highway Race. Good luck, have fun with the game and become the king of the drift!

How to play Burnout Extreme Drift 2
When first playing this car racing game pro use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. While putting your racing and drifting skills to the test as you try to improve your abilities behind the wheels of five different streetcars. Drive the cars with the arrow keys, and press the spacebar button to handbrake the vehicle making them slide and drifting at high speeds. Work with the ''C'' key to change the camera view for having the perfect angle of the surroundings and the road. Also, don't forget to use the Shift button to activate the nitro and speed up the cars.

Released on:    January 27, 2021
Date added:     Chicago Time 07:47 on 27 January 2021
Date inserted:  Romania Time: 18:59 on 1 February 2021

Type                           WebGL - Engine Unity 2021
Mobile Mode             No
Mobile ready             No
Platform                    PC, and Web browser.
Categories                 Driving, Sports, Cars, Drifting, Tuning.
HTTPS  ready            Yes

Burnout Extreme Drift 2 was developed by But you can play the games online for free on

  • Awesome 3D graphics with beautifully detailed cars and semi winter tracks.
  • Test 5 different cars available in the garage.
  • There are 2 game modes race and drifting available.
  • Unlimited nitro in the game.
  • Earn money and stars to unlock more powerful cars, point your car, and also new levels.
  • There are more than 20 achievements some of them require from 1 to 10 points to be completed. 
  • Adjust the quality of the game to have the best experience from low, to medium and high.
  • The 100 $ cost for any type of paint job(color customization) to your unblocked car.
  • Full-screen mode and HTTPS ready.
  • Great car driving and drifting physics.
  • Nice music and sounds.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

The game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Sea Monkey, and Avant Browser.

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Tips and tricks in Burnout Extreme Drift 2
  • Play first in the racing mode until you adjust to the car physics and game settings, and modify the quality of the game to have the best experience.
  • Also, by playing on the full screen you will have a better view of the curves and tracks.
  • To beat your opponent you must use the nitro from the beginning of the race.
  • In larger curves, press the Space button to make the car slide, and the nitro to accelerate and make a longer drift. Depending on the drift time you will earn more points.

More Information About Burnout Extreme Drift 2
Enjoy this realistic 3D drifting game for pc to improving your abilities behind the wheels of some of the most cooled tuned streetcars here on Where the Burnout Extreme Drift 2 game it's developed with WebGL technology that allows the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you like this game also explore and play the best car racing games pc online to have a blast here on our website!

Make sure you check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube Game-play of Burnout Extreme Drift 2 for free on

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