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Apocalypse World

In the world, a virus has erupted and 90% of the global population is infected with a virus that transforms people after they die on bloodthirsty zombies. The remaining 10% of the people that are immune to this disease now are hell on earth. They must every single day fight for their life, scavaging for food, water, and supplies. The game you are playing is called Apocalypse World and it's a brand new WebGL 3D game developed in 2019 by But you can play it online for free on Start playing the game with our hero called John who is searching for food in some abandoned villages. 
The area is large and unknown with many dangerous places and a lot of houses to explore. Make sure you quietly search don't make any sounds to compromise your location. To cover a larger area you can look for wild animals like horses or drive abandoned cars and motorcycles. If you get spotted by zombies retreat inside the buildings, don't make noise, and wait until they leave. To play the game use mouse to aim and shoot, W, A, S, D for movement press Shift to run and E key to interact. To change the weapons press 1,2,3 keys. Have fun shooting zombies and enjoy this similar game to the walking dead tv show. Also, you can try more similar zombie games like, Zombs, Zombie Threat and a similar game to the movie World War Z  called Zombie Choppa.

Release Date
March 2019.

Apocalypse World was developed by Gameflare.

Web browser.

  • A nice 3D shooting Apocalyptic zombie game developed in 2019.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics with details and vibrant colors.
  • You can ride horses, cars or motorcycles.
  • A large map filled with opportunities and dangers.
  • A nice zombie survival game similar to the walking dead tv show.
  • Nice music and sounds.
  • Easy and fun to play.
More Information About Apocalypse World
Fun to play zombie shooting game where you learn how to survive, you can play the game on Apocalypse World it's developed with WebGL technology allowing to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoy this bloodthirsty zombie game make sure you try other games like The Wasteland, Zombie Siege Outbreak, and Donald Trapwebgame. Good luck!. Have a blast online with this awesome Apocalyptic survival Web game. Good luck!


Video Instruction and Youtube Game-play.

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